A Decade Strong

It is this month that GTAP celebrates its 10th anniversary. The success of this project has been due to the tireless efforts of the entire team. Jean Robert Onononga has conducted hundreds of kilometers of transect surveys to document ape abundance and distribution throughout this region. Crepin Eyana has continued this tradition in the adjacent […]

Spending time with Goualougo Gorillas

On January 14th, Igor Singono spent more than seven hours with a group of six western lowland gorillas in the Moto chimpanzee community’s range. The gorillas fed on the new leaves of Milicia excelsa and Antiaris toxicaria. One of the mandates of the GTAP is to study the feeding ecology and distribution of sympatric apes […]

Congrats to Crepin Eyana Ayina!

Mr. Eyana Ayina has worked with the GTAP since 2005 and has proven to be a capable team leader. In the summer of 2008, Mr. Eyana Ayina successfully completed a 3-month Regional Research and Monitoring Training in Lope Gabon under the guidance of Dr. Fiona “Boo” Maisels of the Wildlife Conservation Society. This training course […]

Thanks Ian!

Following in the footsteps of his father, Ian Nichols has spent several months during the past few years in the Goualougo Triangle on assignment as a photographer for the National Geographic Society. His goal was to document the Goualougo Triangle chimpanzees and other wildlife inhabiting the pristine forests. Ian was particularly interested in photographing the […]

Josh Foer visits the Goualougo Triangle

In April 2008, Joshua Foer (a writer on assignment for National Geographic Magazine) visited the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project. We were hoping that Josh might have the opportunity to observe some of the unique tool using behavior of these apes. During one of our last days in the forest with him, Josh observed a young […]

Jean Robert Onononga presents at the International Society of Primatology

One of the main goals of the Goualougo Ape Project is to provide scientific training and educational opportunities to Congolese nationals who are working to conserve wildlife. In August 2008, Mr. Onononga was awarded a small grant from the Rufford Foundation to attend the International Primatological Society Congress that was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. The […]