Goualougo’s Tool Using Apes on Ants

This month in the American Journal of Primatology, GTAP scientists reported their observations of chimpanzees preying upon ants with a specialized tool set consisting of a wooden perforating tool to open ant nests and another flexible tool to gather insects. Although chimpanzees in Goualougo are targeting the same ants harvested in other regions, there are […]

Congratulations Jean Robert!

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Jean Robert Onononga has completed the Master’s program in Primate Conservation at Oxford Brookes University. His thesis explores options to improve methods to estimate chimpanzee and gorilla population densities. GTAP very happily welcomes his return to Congo with a promotion to Project Manager. Many congratulations for a job […]

A day spent with Dorothy and baby Oz

Transferring into the group several years ago, it now seems that Dorothy has officially joined the Moto community. Her son is doing very well, and starting to show a bit of independence from his mother. Dorothy is one of the most frequent and successful tool users in the Moto community. Even with a small baby […]

Focusing on Health

GTAP thanks Drs. Tom Gillespie, Ken Cameron, and Alain Ondzie for trekking out to the Goualougo Triangle base camp. Their combined visit involved research projects to improve the health of GTAP staff, the wild apes that we study, and the Ndoki forest. It is an understatement to say that their presentation on preventative health was […]

Leakey grows up

Male chimpanzees typically stay in the group where they are born, and as they grow up must find a place in the hierarchy of older males. Leakey has been spending less time with his mother, and more time with the males of the Moto community. The integration is not always easy, and he has received […]

Maya’s sweet success!

On March 4th, we had a great observation of Maya pounding for honey. She located two small stingless bee hives in the trunk of a large tree. The tool that she used to open the hive was one of the heaviest that we have recorded ? over a kilogram! She used both her hands and […]