Jeremie Capon Memorial Page

An Inspiring Friend to Great Apes:

Jeremie Capon, Creator of the GTAP Facebook Cause

It is with deep sadness that we bid farewell to our friend Jeremie Capon. His contributions to the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project have been tremendous and inspiring. Jeremie showed us how passion for a cause can inspire others to action.

Jeremie heard about the launch of the GTAP website through the gorilla keeper’s network. After visiting the website, he immediately launched a Facebook cause. By the time that we heard about his initiative, Jeremie had already recruited 37 friends! We know that he was proud of the success of the cause which he created, which now has more than 1,700 members and still growing.

Jeremie had the special gifts of being able to effortlessly make new friends and bring out the joy in others. His family and friends have shared some photos which show how much he enjoyed his life and loved the people around him. Jeremie was a cool guy, who was not afraid to joke around or express his passion about a cause. These combined qualities made him a natural leader.

Jeremie was the head primate keeper at the Beauval Zoological Park in France. He cared for 9 gorillas and more than 100 other primates. He created a wonderful photo album of primates called “Mes animaux (enfin mes…).” Looking through his album, one can easily see how deeply he cared for the gorillas and other primates in his charge. He then found a way to reach out and extend this compassion to thousands of great apes in northern Congo.Although Jeremie had not yet had the chance to visit his ape  friends in the forests of the Goualougo Triangle in northern Republic of Congo, we would like to have a special memorial for him in the Ndoki forest. This will serve as a constant reminder of his friendship and commitment to great ape conservation.


Jeremy CaponThis photo was taken while Jeremie was on the island of the Lion-tailed Macaques at the Beauval Zoological Park. He climbed to the top of the exhibit to arrange structures that would enrich the lives of the primates.

Jeremy CaponJeremie cared for 9 gorillas and more than 100 other primates at the Beauval Zoological Park in France. He was active in promoting communication among zoo keepers and getting involved in conservation efforts for great apes in Africa.

Jeremy CaponJeremie presenting at the French ZooKeepers Association (AFSA). He was an active member and encouraged communication among great ape keepers by forming a communication network.

Jeremy CaponThis photo was taken while Jeremie was conducting a training session at another zoo in France.

Jeremy CaponThis photo was shared at Jeremie’s
memorial in France. His family and friends have said
that it shows his duality: a serious and handsome man, who was always enjoying life

Jeremy CaponJeremie’s brother, Nicolas, took this picture in March 2009. It reminds us of his beautiful blue eyes, which saw so much potential in the world and acted on these insights without hesitation!

Jeremy CaponThis photo was taken soon after Jeremie’s arrival at the Beauval Zoological Park in spring 2006. It is clear that this red-ruffed lemur quickly made a new friend!

Jeremy CaponJeremie was so expressive. This smile shows his caring and joy.