Goualougo_Building_MorganEducational resources are scarce in northern Congo, and contributions to the continuing education of the public-at-large can have a lasting impact. The Goualougo Triangle Ape Project has recently completed construction of an educational resource center which will be available to the residents of Bomassa and Bon Coin villages. Prompted by an independent initiative and private donation on behalf of the late Jeremie Capon (Click here for our tribute in English) (Click here for our tribute in French), and further support from Brevard Zoo, the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project staff will facilitate the creation of a Resource Center for the residents of Bomassa and Bon Coin villages. Although still in its early stages, this initiative has been very well received by the local population.


The mission of the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project Resource Center is to provide educational opportunities using innovative learning tools in a friendly atmosphere for the visitors. Emphasis will also be placed on providing materials for improving basic literacy in French, learning English as a second language and information on wildlife and conservation. Recognizing that a high proportion of the adult population in these villages is not literate, we will also strive to acquire a stock of current nature periodicals, picture books, audio resources, e-books, and artistic materials. Every verified member of the community will be welcome in this public library, and it is our goal to provide an environment and resources that speaks their interests and inspires them to learn. Exposure and participation in this type of educational setting will help us to identify and educate the current and future generations of conservation and civic leaders in this community.