Cell Phone Recycling

Since its inception, Minnesota Zoo’s Recycle for Rainforests has been supporting the conservation efforts of the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project. These efforts provide support to the project in 1) improving the conservation outlook of both chimpanzees and gorillas through applied conservation research, 2) enhancing protection of important ape populations and their habitats, and 3) strengthening of local capacity to implement conservation programs.

The Cell Phone Recycling program is open to anyone who is interested in getting involved by:

  • contributing their old phones to this cause (click the link below to obtain a mailing label with free postage)
  • organizing an even to gather phones to contribute to this cause
  • raising awareness about the importance and environmental benefits of cell phone recycling

If you are interested in launching your own cell phone drive for the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project, please visit this website.

Cell Phone Recycling

Recycling for Rainforests is coordinated by Dr. Harris and Dr. Jenks of the Minnesota Zoo. Watch this video on how the cell phone recycling program works to benefit ape conservation efforts in Africa!